Crispy Buffalo Shrimp

Great appetized dish to enjoy before any meal!

prep time: 20 minutes

cook time: 5 minutes


            15 each raw shrimp, tail on peeled & deveined 16/20 size

            1 ½ cup All- purpose flour

            1 tbsp. cornstarch

            salt & pepper to taste

            1 ½ cup Buffalo sauce of your choice

            6 each celery sticks, washed and cut in half

            3 each carrot, washed, peeled and cut into sticks

            6 oz. blue cheese dressing of your choice

            2 cups oil for frying


1. Heat up frying oil on a skillet.

2. Mix all-purpose flour with cornstarch, salt & pepper. Toss shrimp with seasoned flour. Fry shrimp until golden brown and cooked through.

3. In a mixing bowl, toss shrimp with buffalo sauce.

4. Place celery and carrot sticks in the center of serving plate. Place shrimp on top of celery and carrots.

5. Place a ramekin of blue cheese dressing next to the shrimp on plate and enjoy by dipping crispy buffalo shrimp into dressing along with the celery and carrot sticks.

Critical Details: Do not overcook shrimp.

Allergens: eggs, shellfish, wheat, milk