Vegetarian Wrap Recipe

Hearty and healthy, easy and ready in 15 minutes!  Tastes incredible! Great way of eating veggies.

Serving: 4

Prep & Cook time: 15 minutes


                     4 ea. Tortilla wraps (your choice wheat, spinach, sundried tomato or roasted garlic)

                     1 cup of either hummus spread or avocado spread 

                     1 large cucumber cut into thin long sticks

                     1 large carrot shredded

                     1 large red onion julienne

                     1 head of leafy greens washed

                     2 large ripe tomatoes diced

                     2 large colored bell peppers julienne

                     1 cup shredded red cabbage

                     1 cup dressing of your choice

                     Salt & pepper to taste


To assemble wrap heat up tortillas on a hot skillet 10 seconds each side spread hummus or avocado spread down the middle of wrap topped with choice of vegetables down the middle drizzle choice of dressing sprinkle salt & pepper to taste and fold into a burrito very tightly cut in half and Enjoy!